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   —> 2017 <—

March Trip to California

     Mammoth Lakes Area—snow!

     O’Melveny Park

     Anza-Borrego Desert State Park

     Kennedy Meadows—Pacific Crest Trail

     Sycamore Cove

     Drive up the Coast

     Malibu Creek State Park

Ice in Oklahoma


   —> 2016 <—

Sunset on Claremore Lake

Hike w/ Mary at Pryor Creek Nature Trail

Thanksgiving Day hike with Mary

Sunset clouds in the Antelope Valley, CA

September hike at Turkey Mountain

September hike at RSU

Goodbye Bandit

Austin makes his arrival

Beaver Lake with Geri, Sammie, Cece, Katie,     

       and Mark

August trip to California

August hike at Oologah Lake

July hike at Will Rogers Country Trail

July hike at Pryor Creek Nature Trail

Claremore Regional Airshow

June hike at RSU

May trip to CA—5/12 to 5/22


   —> 2015 <—

6 hikes in 6 days - 12/26 to 1/1

Star Trails pics and video - 9/20

Trip to the Sierras - 9/20 to 9/22

Trip to the Sierras - 7/8 to 7/10

Steve has a triple-bypass - 4/21 to 4/29

Sunrise @ Tallgrass Prairie Preserve - 2/27




   —> 2014 <—

4 California Trips

The Barn!!!


   —> 2013 <—

Fall Colors at New Life Ranch

Sierra Nevada Trip

September Sunrise

Washington DC


Danny, Mary, Brice, and Elijah at the pond

Black Mesa / Wichita Mountains Trip

Spring Sunrise

Hay Bale Sunrise


   —> 2012 <—

Thanksgiving in California

Biking with Mary

Lake Oologah hiking with Geri & Steve

Pawhuska Tallgrass Prairie Preserve Trail

CA trip for Patti’s memorial service

Joey, Bryan, Phil, and Steve on Taneycomo

Joey, Jen, Dillon, Sophie return from Korea


   —> 2011 <—

July vacation

Even bigger snow

Eli is born


   —> 2010 <—

Emily is born

Jen and Dillon leave for Korea

Joey leaves for Korea

Steve in California

Fishing trip with Joey

Joey graduates from Army training

Big Snow



   —> 2009 <—

Bryan and Megan get married


Natasha’s wedding


   —> 2008 <—

Vacation to California

Joey comes home from Iraq


   —> 2007 <—

Memorial Day Weekend

Welcome Dillon James Schott


   —> 2006 <—

Record Snowfall

Fall Colors

An evening cookout


Boating on Grand Lake

A trip to California


   —> 2005 <—

My parents 50th anniversary


   —> 2004 <—

A trip to Oregon

A wedding in the Schott family


   —> 2003 <—

New job and new home


   —> 2002 <—

Joey's USMC boot camp graduation


   —> 2001 <—

Russia trip with Bryan


   —> 2000 <—

Backpacking trip in the Sierras